Add Style & Space to Any Room

Mirrored Wardrobe Doors are a great way to add space to any area of your home. The mirrored wardrobe doors enhance any room; which will create an illusion of a larger room. We carry a variety of styles of wardrobe doors from the industry's finest manufacturers. They come in many different designer looks and finishes for anyone in the family to enjoy.

For the kids room the chalk board is a nice option instead of mirrors. If mirrors are selected, all mirrored wardrobe doors are fabricated with a safety film on the backs to protect from shattering apart and injuring a family member.

We also offer wardrobe doors with frosted or back painted glass, which can act as a room divider. Using acid etched glass is a popular choice. They allow light to pass through, but provide obscured privacy. Objects on the other side are seen, but only as silhouettes. It gives a translucent and modern look to help improve your living environment. For more information call or contact us today.