New Construction & Retrofit Windows

Your home is the heart of cherished family memories. Enhance the comfort and quality of your home with dual pane windows. New windows frame nature's light and can instill distinctive personality to each room. In addition to adding comfort and beauty, they will:

  • Lower Utility Bills - Modern dual pane windows are up to four times as energy efficient as your old single pane windows, saving you money on utility bills.

  • Reduce Maintenance - Vinyl window frames are warranted not to fade, peel, warp, corrode or rot. Just wipe them clean with soap and water to keep them looking beautiful for life.

  • Avoid Dull Dreary Sunscreens - "Let the sun shine in" with high tech glass that blocks 96 percent of the sun's infrared heat.

  • Minimize Fading of Home Furnishings - Today's high tech glass blocks 83 percent of the sun's damaging ultraviolet radiation keeping your carpets, wall coverings and furniture beautiful for years to come.

  • Minimize Condensation - Warmer inside glass temperatures in the winter means less possibility of condensation, which can lead to mold and mildew.

  • Reduce Outside Noise - Dual pane windows have dead air space between the two panes of glass which can help reduce outside noise.



Repair or Replace Existing Windows

Window frames support panes of glass to protect your home from wind, water and other elements that damage your home. When a sash, frame or other portion of an existing window rots or shrinks, it affects your window's ability to efficiently protect your home. Proper frame and sash window repair are an important part of regular home maintenance that Sea Breeze Glass offers.

Residential window repair from Sea Breeze Glass professionally addresses many window frame repair issues for a variety of window types. In older homes, these repairs are often made to an existing window, where any instances of window sash balances or rollers need to be cleaned, lubricated, repaired and/or replaced. Window repair services by our reliable and highly experienced technicians also can help locate many hard to find parts that extend the life of existing windows which can't be purchased at your local hardware store.

Another common existing window frame repair happens when windows that slide open vertically or horizontally damage the sliding sash. Window repairs of this nature keep glass planes securely in place. Sea Breeze Glass can replace any damaged or glass pulled out of the sash. When investing in our window repair services, Sea Breeze Glass can also advise you on whether it's time to install replacement Energy-Star rated windows for improved efficiency and money saving value.



French, Sliding, Terrace Doors

Are your doors difficult to operate? Do they have foggy or cracked windows? A service call from Sea Breeze Glass could bring them back to life.

From simple repairs and servicing of glass to full door replacement, we make sure the job gets done quickly and efficiently. We offer a full line of hard to find parts for french, sliding, terrace, screen doors and wardrobe doors. Contact us today to schedule an inspection of your existing doors.

We also install security screen doors to keep your home and family safe.